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In the old days, you had to go looking for crushing existential horror. Now, you can just wake up and glance at literally any social media site, and a bevy of it will be waiting for you. Thats where Google Chrome extension Sadblock comes in. It helps you out by cleaning up sad, triggering, and sometimes just plain annoying news from your social media feeds.在过去,可怕故事要自己去找才有得看。现在,你每天醒来时后随意洗一眼任何社交媒体网站,都有一大堆可怕故事在等着你。于是,谷歌拓展“哀伤屏蔽”应运而生。它能老大你铲除社交媒体动态上那些哀伤、刺激性或烦人的新闻。

Sadblock will help you take back control of your social feeds, according to the extensions website. It does this by allowing you to block certain types of posts from your social media. Current categories include sad stories, political posts, climate change posts, and those that include common trigger words, the site says. You can download Sadblock for free from the Chrome Web Store.据该应用于的网站称之为,“哀伤屏蔽”能老大你“新的掌控自己的社交媒体动态”。有了它,你就可以屏蔽社交媒体上特定类型的消息。

该网站称之为:“目前可屏蔽的类型还包括伤感故事、有关政治和气候变化的帖子,还有包括少见煽动性词汇的文章”。你可以从谷歌网店免费iTunes“哀伤屏蔽”应用于。The extension allows you to block these various kinds of content wholesale, and its multi-site approach appears to be a step up from other blockers, most of which exist for one service only and require you to add in your own blacklisted keywords. For example, Tumblr Savior allows users to filter their Tumblr feed, but users must manually add words and tags they want to see blocked, like death or Trump. Twitter application TweetDeck has a Mute function, but also requires you to manually input words, phrases, and links you want banned from your feed.这款拓展应用于不但可以批量屏蔽掉各种内容,而且可以起到于多个网站,这令其它比不上了许多其它屏蔽插件——大多数屏蔽插件只对一个网站较慢,且必须你自行添加黑名单关键词。

举例来说,Tumblr Savior需要过滤器Tumblr上的消息,但用户必需手动加到屏蔽词汇及标签,如“丧生”、“特朗普”;TweetDeck享有“静音”功能,但某种程度必须你手动输入期望屏蔽的词汇、短语和链接。Sadblocks range allows you to block upsetting political content, or videos of abused animals, or stories about certain celebrities. Its functionality allows people to block things that annoy or mildly upset them, but it also allows people who are triggered by seeing news about sexual assault to avoid it completely.“哀伤屏蔽”能老大你屏蔽掉让人烦躁的政治内容,虐待动物视频,或特定名人的消息。


它不但能屏蔽掉让人喜欢或玩笑的内容,还可以让受不了性侵扰新闻的人从此与之绝缘。At Sadblock we trust you already know the planet is struggling and that people all around the world are dying in terrible ways, and we won’t judge you for wanting to turn off the sad for a little while, the site adds. Someone will bring it up at the water cooler tomorrow anyway.该网站称之为:“我们坚信,你就算不看那些新闻,也告诉地球于是以处在水深火热中,世界各地的人们于是以以可怕的方式病死,如果你想要继续开动哀伤频道,我们几乎解读。当真第二天也不会有人在饮水机旁驳回这些新闻。

”Basically, Sadblock is intended to help people unwind and take a mental breather away from the constant influx of horrible information. Its not intended to help people ignore reality.基本上,“哀伤屏蔽”意图协助人们放开,从持续涌进的可怕信息中取得片刻扭转局势,而不是要协助人们漠视现实。Psychologist Dr. Graham Davey told Huffington Post that [n]egative news can significantly change an individual’s mood — especially if there is a tendency in the news broadcasts to emphasize suffering and also the emotional components of the story. [...] Viewing negative news means that you’re likely to see your own personal worries as more threatening and severe, and when you do start worrying about them, you’re more likely to find your worry difficult to control and more distressing than it would normally be.心理学家格拉汉姆?戴维医生告诉他《赫芬顿邮报》说道:“负面新闻可以很大地转变一个人的心情——特别是在是如今传媒内容更加爱人特别强调痛苦,并且侧重刻画情感元素。……看负面新闻的后果就是,你不会实在自己的个人困惑被激化,显得极具威胁性,而且一旦困惑一起,你不会找到你的情绪无法掌控,比整天更加伤痛。

”Sadblock does reduce what you see thats troubling, but also inexplicably deletes innocuous posts and leaves a lot of distressing ones.“‘哀伤屏蔽’不会增加那些让人烦躁的内容,但也不会莫名其妙地删去一些无伤大雅的消息,同时不会保有很多让人沮丧的内容。”And though the app is imperfect, its important to recognize that Sadblock is still an incredibly useful tool for people who need to continue to engage with social media for work or companionship and want to protect their mental health while doing so.尽管它并不极致,但对于那些出于工作或社交必须被迫之后用于社交媒体、但又想维护心理健康的人而言,“哀伤屏蔽”仍然是个十分给力的工具。_lol外围投注app-官方网站。




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